Disposable Protective Apparel

For the very best quality in safety and hygiene, our wide selection of disposable protective apparel is ideal for any working environment. We can provide your business with everything your employees need to stay healthy and promote sanitary conditions. With an emphasis on quality, our disposable hairnets, lab coats, disposable aprons,disposable gloves, and other products that proudly carry a reputation of excellence which stretches 25 years.Whether you’re working in the food industry, the pharmaceutical industry, or an industrial safety position, our disposable lab coats are an excellent addition to any staff’s apparel. Essential to hygiene for both employees and patrons, disposable gloves provide protection and peace of mind. With a wide selection of disposable gloves ranging from latex to vinyl to nitrile, we have everything your workforce needs. Disposable aprons are easy to put on and remove for a team on the move. If you’re looking for industrial quality disposable protective apparel, choose Dolphin Products today.

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